Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The Six Days of Creation as Six Visions

 By Archimandrite Joel Yiannakopoulos

A look at the biblical six-day period convinces us that it is not about long periods of time, as some have believed, because the phrase "and it was evening, and it was morning, first day" shows that it excludes this idea. Nor is it about twenty-four-hour days, because the sun was made on the fourth day. So it is about six visions, enclosed in twenty-four hour time intervals, through which (I am not saying how it happened, but that) Moses saw God's action in time.

The six visions are divided into two corresponding triads of days, so that the first triad verses 3-13 has the divisions, and the second triad verses 14-25 the supplements. Specifically: The first triad: On the first day light is separated from darkness, on the second day the sky is separated from the sea, on the third day the sea is separated from the land. In the second triad we have the following supplements: On the fourth day we have the sun to complement the light of the first day. On the fifth day we have the complements of sky and sea, i.e. birds and fish. And on the sixth day we have land animals and man, as supplements to the land and plants of the third day, because on the land and through the plants both animals and men live.

Source: From Η ΠΑΛΑΙΑ ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗ, Τ. Α΄, Η ΓΕΝΕΣΙΣ, εκδ. ΒΑΣ. ΡΗΓΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ, ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ 1969, σελ. 46. Translation by John Sanidopoulos.