Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Unsanitary Miracles

Every time there is mention of saliva, spoons and the like - by those who have targeted Holy Communion - the miracle comes to mind of the man born blind (John 9). The Lord, with a “sanitarily unacceptable” action, restored the eyes of the blind man! He mixed His saliva (a means of spreading viruses and bacteria) with soil (a source of millions of germs) and “smeared” the clay mixture over the eye sockets of the blind man (mucosal conjunctiva: a point of entry for germs and the onset of infection). We are familiar with what ensued, just as we know that no science is able to reproduce that result. Quite simply, if it had taken place today, apart from the Pharisees of that time, among Jesus’ accusers would also be certain narrow-minded infectious disease specialists.

- Monk Paul of the Holy Mountain
Biologist, MD Molecular Biology and Biomedicine
Vouleftiria, Holy Mountain