Wednesday, November 25, 2015

That God is the Cause of All Creation (St. Gregory Palamas)

By St. Gregory Palamas

That the world has an origin nature teaches and history confirms, while the discoveries of the arts, the institution of laws and the constitution of states also clearly affirm it. We know who are the founders of nearly all the arts, the lawgivers and those who established states, and indeed we know what has been written about the origin of everything. Yet we see that none of this surpasses the account of the genesis of the world and of time as narrated by Moses. And Moses, who wrote about the genesis of the world, has so irrefutably substantiated the truth of what he writes through such extraordinary actions and words that he has convinced virtually the whole human race and has persuaded them to deride those who sophistically teach the contrary. Since the nature of this world is such that everything in it requires a specific cause in each instance, and since without such a cause nothing can exist at all, the very nature of things demonstrates that there must be a first principle which is self-existent and does not derive from any other principle.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why Was the Book of Genesis Written?

The Prophet (Moses) wrote the Book of Genesis as an introduction to the divine knowledge, the intention of Moses being to lead by the hand those enslaved by the senses - through the visible things - to the perception of the things that transcend the senses.

- St. Gregory of Nyssa (Apology of the Hexaemeron 8)