Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Survey Says Most Greeks Believe the Coronavirus Can Be Transmitted Through Holy Communion, a Professor of Microbiology Says Overcrowding is the Greatest Risk

A survey conducted in Greece by the polling company Metron Analysis on behalf of the Greek TV channel MEGA from September 23-29 has yielded interesting results.
In particular, according to the survey, 70%, or 7 out of 10 Greeks are of the opinion that the coronavirus can be transmitted through Holy Communion, while only 22% believe that it cannot.
Also, 81% of Greek citizens say that the mask protects against the spread of coronavirus, but 17% do not believe they do. 
Meanwhile, 59%, or 6 out of 10 say that if there is a vaccine they would take it, but 35%, or 1 out of 3 say that they would not.