Thursday, November 11, 2021

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus: "Priests Who Oppose Vaccination Commit Fratricide"

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus, one of the most conservative ecclesiastical leaders in Greece but also one of the first who was vaccinated against the coronavirus, showed a strong reaction to the clergy who oppose vaccination through a TV interview on Tuesday morning, November 9th, saying they commit fratricide and emphasizing that they have no place in the Church.

Answering a relevant question about the abbots of monasteries on Mount Athos who are against vaccinations, he pointed out that "they all kill their brethren, the people do not understand it.... They are so selfish and egotistical that they do not understand this simple truth. Science is not from the devil, it is from God, but the devil has a great art, he is a a master artist. He is chasing us from the left with the most filthy atheism and from the right with zealotry without knowledge."

Speaking to SKAI, the Metropolitan of Piraeus, Seraphim, underlined: "... I say this with a stuttering voice, they have no place in the Church, they are outside the Gospel message, they act against Christianity, and I will prove it at this moment: it is proved by the insults, the slander, the mud which they cast against their brethren. Because, when we consider that Christ on the cross, at the time of His death, sought an excuse, a justification for His crucifiers, saying, "Do not punish them my Father because they do not know what they are doing," these people do not understand what Christianity means. The Christian does not insult, they do not slander."

Turning his fire against the anti-vaccination clergy, the Metropolitan of Piraeus, Seraphim, said: "Those who oppose the vaccination are people who have nothing to do with Christ or his Church because they do not love mankind, they do not love their fellow humans or themselves."

"Right now we are living in a drama in the country, while the vaccine has been given to 4-5 billion people on Earth, it is being slandered, humiliated. It is the only way to overcome this tragic pandemic," he said.

The Metropolitan pointed out further: "Of course I have done the third dose, I have also done the flu vaccine, the shingles vaccine and the pneumococcal vaccine."

"We are not a police organization," he explained, "we have instructed both the staff and the deacons to follow the medical protocols so that everyone is vaccinated, and there is restrictions and ventilation, masks, whatever the medical community orders us to do."

"All the great diseases, the pandemics have been suppressed by vaccination. At the moment we are living in a time of the divinization of rights, and we said that there should be human rights, but not to become idols," he said. "I remember as a child the school doctor would come to the school and he vaccinated us for tuberculosis. He did not have permission from our parents, nor from the school community, he did not have it from anyone, he did not have it from the state, and yet he did the vaccination."

In closing, he spoke of the deconstruction of authority with some having the audacity to become expert doctors. "Audacity, madness, imbalance" he said characteristically and added "the state is also responsible for not restricting the fake news."

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