Monday, August 9, 2021

Scientific Evidence of a Miracle in Prokopi of Evia During the Raging Fire on August 7, 2021

On August 7, 2021 a litany took place in Prokopi of Evia with sacred relics and the large holy icon of Saint John the Russian, together with the wonderworking icon of Saints Constantine and Helen from the parish of the same name, in which the whole village participated, while it had an evacuation order given due to the raging fire which was fast approaching the village and despite the ban imposed by the government on litanies.

From here we downloaded the file (Live satellite download):

Anyone who wants can enter the site to verify them.

Keep in mind, there was no rain in the forecast.

20:45 Start of Litany.

21:30 No clouds anywhere in Evia.

22:15 End of the Litany.

03:15 A "strange" cloud appears over Prokopi.

04:30 The "strange" cloud remains above Prokopi.

05:30 The cloud remains and in blue the map captures the heavy rainfall that had already begun!!!!!

The rain lasted twenty minutes. But it had so intensified that it extinguished all the flames.

Conclusion: In addition to evacuations, there are other possible solutions, as long as there is faith and humility in our soul, and wonderworking intercessors on our side.