Saturday, June 26, 2021

Metropolitan Nicholas of Mesogaia Responds to Questions Regarding Coronovirus Vaccination (Chips, Embryos, Trusting Scientists, Side Effects, etc.)

His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas of Mesogaia, who has become a trusted ecclesiastical voice in matters related to the coronovirus due to his extensive scientific and Athonite background, ruled out the possibility of creating a "nanosphere" which could enter with the coronavirus vaccine in the body.

Speaking on behalf of the Bioethics Committee of the Church of Greece in an online meeting on "Pandemic Covid-19" organized by the Metropolis of Neapolis and Stavroupolis on January 21st, he clarified that there is no such technology that is being tested, regarding the infamous claim of "chip" implantation through the vaccine.

The Metropolitan of Mesogaia, Nicholas, in an online meeting on the issue of vaccines, added, however, that the "biggest threat from a 'chip' would be our mobile phone; everything is done better through applications than it could be done with a nanosphere that could possibly to get into my body with the vaccine."

In his speech at the meeting, he referred to the way the Bioethics Committee worked, to the questions he faced and answered, as well as to the noise that was made about specific embryonic cell lines, and in conclusion he stated: "If one gets the vaccine, one is neither saved nor damned. And the same thing happens if one does not do it."

"They have no reason to deceive us," he said of the scientists who invited the Hierarchs to the committee. "Our conclusion was that the issue is not theological or ecclesiastical, but a health issue, so others are responsible. The Church cannot come out with an anti-vaccination flag," he noted.

"We should not be naive nor should we be suspicious. We must learn to trust those who have a special knowledge in a particular area," he added.

Regarding the objections of the Metropolitan of Kythera regarding the embryos in the vaccines, the Metropolitan of Mesogaia replied that “we did a hasty study due to time. We gathered the appropriate texts of the Vatican, and from other places. Our view is that this is not an issue that should concern the Synod, given that the vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna do not include them," and he gave explanations why there are no moral obstacles. (first video below at minute 1:32:38)

Responding again to the Metropolitan of Kythera, Mr. Seraphim, who refused to mandate mask wearing in church based on what politicians say, Metropolitan Nicholas commented: "We cannot say whether the mask will protect us or not in the church," he said, adding that "experts should not have a say regarding what takes place on church premises. Instead, they are to express their opinion before the Holy Synod and then only they are to decide," he commented.

He did not hesitate to describe it as a "heresy" to liturgize with a mask inside the church, which he views as unnecessary and overreaching.

He claimed that the outbreak of the virus in Thessaloniki took place because for the first time this year the procession of the relics of Saint Demetrios did not take place in the city.

Regarding vaccines, he said that information about them "should be clear and have no suspicion from any side. But now there are many objections with side effects and deaths."

Specialists gave answers regarding these reports of side effects and deaths, with Professor Sotiris Tsiodras pointing out that vaccines save millions of lives, emphasizing that the anti-vaccination movement, which finds its expression particularly in religious places based on false piety, has led to communicable diseases such as measles.

The entire video is 96 minutes and can be seen in Greek here, and the portion with Metropolitan Nicholas can be seen here.