Saturday, September 19, 2020

An Electrifying Miracle


Elder Nikolai (Guryanov)

A Russian professor of mathematics came to visit Elder Nikolai (Guryanov) with his English friend, also a professor of mathematics, who was an unbeliever. The Russian friend prayed very much that he would believe. The Englishman said: "If this old man shows me a miracle, then I will believe."

They arrived and met with the elder who led them into his cell and immediately said: "My son, what a miracle for you, to be here." He went to the switch and started clicking: "Here is light, but there is no light. Here is light, but there is no light. Ha-ha-ha!" They laughed, and Father Nikolai sent them home: "Go, my sons, with God, go in peace." The Englishman also laughed saying, "What miracles can there be?" After all, he was a man of science. 

They arrived back to the mainland from the island, and there was a crowd of people gathered, the police, and workers who were dragging some wires. "What happened?" they asked. "For three days now there has been no electricity on the islands." Amazed the scientists immediately turned the boat back to see Elder Nikolai.