Friday, July 18, 2014

The Limits of Knowledge Completed Through Faith

By His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas of Mesogaia

Research is intoxicating. Our world is made with unimaginable beauty and wisdom. It is worth discovering both of these things as much as possible. Simply it must be done with the humility of a man, not the audacity of a pseudo-god. One must compromise within limits.

Human knowledge, understanding and wisdom are not infinite nor complete. Our own nature shows our limits. The universe presents the principle of singularity (a mathematical anomaly). It hides its secret. In accordance with the principle of uncertainty, as nature reveals one of her secrets so also will it hide another.

We are blessed to know many and great things, but doomed to be unable to conquer the infinite and all.

Yet this infinity and all, that is beyond our senses and knowledge, is what leads to God. Anyone dizzy from their knowledge has lost God. Thier life is like a chain where each link is a success.

But the final result is total failure and underachievement. Knowledge is very beautiful, but it does little to free you. It has limits, it is finite. This is why we need faith. This is what leads to infinity and to all.

Source: From the book Αν υπάρχει ζωή, θέλω να ζήσω (If Life Exists, I Want To Live). Translated by John Sanidopoulos.